New: Maison Chacha – shelter for LGBT-refugees

Many LGBTTIQ refugees have been left homeless in recent weeks as the EU-funded ESTIA II housing program ends in Athens. Some could move to refugee camps, but fear of persecution and violence is high. Tabitha*, who now lives at Maison Chacha, said, “I never want to go back to that camp!” The trans woman fled a camp a year ago because she was beaten, taunted and raped there.

Maison Chacha, a 3-room apartment in central Athens, now provides shelter for Tabitha and other LGBTTIQ refugees. In addition, Ali, the project manager of just human, supports them in their asylum procedures and integration.

Protection, medical care, legal assistance

Katja Walterscheid, board member of just human, was in Athens for the handover of the apartment for Maison Chacha. The apartment belongs to another NGO that, for financial reasons, can no longer care for refugees. just human took over the apartment in order to be able to offer safe housing options to LGBTTIQ refugees.

At Maison Chacha, LGBTTIQ refugees receive counseling, funds for living expenses, medical care, and legal assistance in addition to housing services.

In order to be able to finance this offer, we are urgently dependent on donations.

The 4 LGBTTIQ refugees in “Maison Chacha” need:
– Living expenses monthly 100 € each
– Medication 40 € per month
– Warm clothes 100 € each
– Legal aid 400 € each
– Electricity/heating/water approx. 80 € per month

Persecution and death threats – human rights violations force to flee

Many members of the LGBTTIQ community have to flee their home countries because they are persecuted there and sometimes even threatened with death. Homosexuality is punishable in 69 states.

In Brunei, Iran, Yemen, Mauritania, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, homosexual people are killed due to anti-human laws. In five other countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, Somalia, and the United Arab Emirates), the death penalty is possible.

In many countries, both state authorities and church representatives* are involved in the persecution of LGBTTIQ. They often deny them any protection from hostility and violence.

Even in their countries of refuge, LGBTTIQ refugees continue to face threats. They are often exploited, threatened, and experience psychological and physical violence.

The realization of human rights for LGBTTIQ is an important goal of just human.

In 2022, just human supported LGBTTIQ who had to flee war and persecution from Iran, China, Cameroon, DR Congo, Morocco, Tunisia and Ukraine. In addition, just human campaigns for LGBTTIQ human rights together with other committed people, e.g. as a member of ILGA, in the alliance “Queer Emergency Aid Ukraine” and in the AK LSBTTIQ of the city of Stuttgart.

Every donation enables support and is an effective sign of solidarity.


Support for LGBT refugees, women and children

Again and again we receive desperate emergency calls from LGBT refugees and women, often with children. They write to us in existential distress. Many refugees are not entitled to support, e.g. because they are not yet registered, because their asylum application has been rejected or because their asylum application has been accepted. And even refugees who are in the asylum process sometimes do not know where they can find support. The consequences are often homelessness, hunger, all forms of exploitation and violence.

In order to be able to help in the long term, Just Human is involved in Athens with two caseworker. They speak personally with the people who are seeking help in emergency situations. And depending on individual needs, they offer referrals to other agencies and/or direct emergency assistance from Just Human.

As far as we are able, we offer support in renting safe sleeping places or housing for LGBT refugees, families and women, whether with children or not. In our shelter “Maison Charlotte” we also have 12 own living places for women and children.

Please help us!

Every donation is sustainable help for people in need

In South Africa, Cameroon, DR Congo and Ethiopia, Just Human 2021 has also provided emergency aid and supported existing projects for LGBT and for women and children. This has enabled food aid, school attendance, medical treatment and protection for women and children at Safe House Bredasdorp/South Africa.

Your donation is survival aid and encouraging solidarity!

We are especially grateful for regular donations that enable us to plan our activities.

Thank you


Maison Charlotte 2023

Maison Charlotte will continue to provide shelter and support for refugee women and children in 2022.

In June 2023, Caritas Athens renewed the lease. At the same time, we rented another room at Maison Charlotte. As a result, we will be able to offer protection and support to a total of 7 women and 5 children there from July 2023.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who make the commitment to refugee women and children at Maison Charlotte possible with their donations. Thank you!!!

Unfortunately, the number of requests is much greater and almost all shelters in Athens are overcrowded. In collaboration with other organizations, we are trying to facilitate the necessary assistance and find more housing.

The plight of those who cannot find help is indescribable. Being homeless means being at the mercy of increasing cold, hunger and often violence and exploitation. For babies and small children and also for the elderly, the situation quickly becomes life-threatening.

Emergency aid for mothers and children in Athens
With emergency aid for food and medicine, just human in Athens currently supports about 100 mothers with their children and daily we receive new requests. For this food aid, we have received funding from Sternstunden e.V. since July 2021, for which we are very grateful. Important for the support of women and children are further donations for safe and warm sleeping places.