Saving Lives in Sierra Leone

With the “Saving Lives in Sierra Leone” project, we want to enable as many seriously ill patients as possible in Sierra Leone to receive medical treatment. The project is a cooperation between Just Human, the Connaught Hospital in Freetown and Caritas Sierra Leone.

Since Sierra Leone does not have health insurance, medical treatment must be paid for by those affected or their families themselves.

The treatment costs for a patient are very low compared to Germany and usually amount to only a few hundred euros, even for larger treatments. For many people in Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in Africa, they are unfortunately unaffordable.
Our project enables many of these vulnerable patients to receive treatment.

Our team of volunteers on the ground in Freetown around Mr. Almamy Bah is in close contact with the medical staff of Connaught Hospital, Sierra Leone’s largest hospital and point of contact for patients from all over the country, and with Caritas Sierra Leone.

If sick people cannot be treated due to a lack of financial resources, but urgently need treatment, the team at Connaught Hospital can call on the necessary funds from an emergency fund from just human. The emergency fund is managed by Caritas Sierra Leone to ensure a rapid transfer of funds. Caritas Sierra Leone also supports the administration and accounting of the funds from the emergency fund and is in close contact with just human.
Our common goal is to provide these patients with the medication they need on the same day and to enable the responsible doctors to receive the necessary treatment.

Whenever possible, we also try to help in hospitals outside the capital Freetown.
We have already been able to donate medicines to the hospitals in Kailahun, Pujehun and Koidu, which have been used to treat vulnerable patients free of charge.

You can support our project with your donation. Thank you very much for your help!

Protection and support in starting a self-determined life

Since January 2024, Just Human in Athens has been offering “Protection and support in starting a self-determined life” for women, including trans women and women with children, who are recognized as refugees.
Many recognized refugees do not receive any support in Greece. They are therefore initially homeless and destitute. In this situation, they are exposed to all forms of exploitation and violence. It is almost impossible to find a regular job without a home address. And it is just as hopeless to find an apartment without work or money.
In their distress, many decide to leave Greece. This means renewed asylum procedures in other European countries, renewed waiting, renewed stagnation.

A new caseworker joined the just human Athens team in mid-February to ensure that further support – in addition to the support for women and children and LGBTTIQ refugees in just human’s shelters – can be provided successfully. Niki is a Greek social worker with a lot of experience in supporting refugees.

Instead of homelessness, hardship and further flight, just human enables women to rent a room or an apartment, supports them in their search for a job and, if necessary, helps them organize childcare.
The two women who initially took advantage of the new project to stay in Greece and live independently there come from Iran and the DR Congo. Both have a child and were able to rent small apartments with the support of just human.
Since May 2024, another woman who had to flee Cameroon has been taking part in the project. By taking part in the project, she has started training in housekeeping. Her daughter attends school.

Your donation provides protection and support.

Interviews with Just Human

Carolina Romano, a volunteer in communications at Just Human, provides a personal insight into the work of Just Human through interviews. The interviews have been published on YouTube.

Carolina Romano has so far conducted interviews with
1. Katja Walterscheid, Chairwoman of the Board and co-founder of Just Human


You can find the interview with Katja Walterscheid in German translation here.

2. Ali R., Managing Director Just Human Greece, Project Coordinator for LGBTTIQ refugees

just human im Interview / Carolina Romano im Gespräch mit Ali R., Geschäftsführer just human Griechenland

The interview with Ali R. in German translation can be found here.

3. Eleni S., Project Coordinator Just Human Athens, Maison Charlotte – shelter for women and children

just human im Interview / Carolina Romano im Gespräch mit Eleni, Projektkoordinatorin Maison Charlotte

You can find the interview with Eleni S. in German translation here.


We are happy to answer further questions about our commitment and our projects at any time.
You can reach us at and at +49(0)17672154483


Support for LGBT refugees, women and children

Again and again we receive desperate emergency calls from LGBT refugees and women, often with children. They write to us in existential distress. Many refugees are not entitled to support, e.g. because they are not yet registered, because their asylum application has been rejected or because their asylum application has been accepted. And even refugees who are in the asylum process sometimes do not know where they can find support. The consequences are often homelessness, hunger, all forms of exploitation and violence.

In order to be able to help in the long term, Just Human is involved in Athens with two caseworker. They speak personally with the people who are seeking help in emergency situations. And depending on individual needs, they offer referrals to other agencies and/or direct emergency assistance from Just Human.

As far as we are able, we offer support in renting safe sleeping places or housing for LGBT refugees, families and women, whether with children or not. In our shelter “Maison Charlotte” we also have 12 own living places for women and children.

Please help us!

Every donation is sustainable help for people in need

In South Africa, Cameroon, DR Congo and Ethiopia, Just Human 2021 has also provided emergency aid and supported existing projects for LGBT and for women and children. This has enabled food aid, school attendance, medical treatment and protection for women and children at Safe House Bredasdorp/South Africa.

Your donation is survival aid and encouraging solidarity!

We are especially grateful for regular donations that enable us to plan our activities.

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