Maison Charlotte, 7/2020

Maison Charlotte – shelter for refugee women and children

Maison Charlotte is a cooperation project between just human and Safe Place International (SPI). SPI provides a 3-room apartment in Athens as living space for women and children.
just human finances a social worker with a part-time job and takes over the maintenance costs of 90 € per month per person (food, additional costs, medical care etc.) with the help of sponsorships.
Maison Charlotte offers room for 10 people (e.g. 5 women with one child each). The housing offer is named after the woman who contributed to the creation of this project in May 2020 by sending a message to just human. She was six months pregnant at the time, living on the streets and urgently asked for support.

Which women find refuge at Maison Charlotte?

There is a waiting list for refugee women who need special help to cope with the violence they have experienced and to live protected with their children. It is striking that one third of the women with children in the shelters of SPI are lesbians. Lesbian women are persecuted in many countries and are exposed to massive sexualised violence. SPI supports women and children as well as LSBTTIQ refugees and many LSBTTIQ refugees know about it. Maison Charlotte will be home to women and children who come from different cultures and bring with them a wide range of experience and skills.

The Maison Charlotte has opened its doors

Charlotte was already able to move into the Maison Charlotte in mid-June. Since the end of June Flora has been working for just human in Athens and after a short internship she took over the care of the women and children at Maison Charlotte. At the beginning of July a woman who had fled with her little son and two other women moved in and at the end of July another three women moved in, one of them with a little daughter. A total of seven women and two children now live at Maison Charlotte, the tenth place is reserved for Charlotte’s baby, who is due to be born in August.

The women who live at Maison Charlotte have had to flee from Pakistan, Afghanistan, the DR Congo, Eritrea or Cameroon. Two of the women were persecuted in their homeland because they love women.

While fleeing, all women experienced further violence, were in prison, capsized their boat, lost relatives and friends. Almost all of them then lived in Moria, one of the children was born there.

Flora tells us that the women at Maison Charlotte are indescribably happy and relieved. The employee, financed by just human, is part of the SPI team and can participate in the team meetings and training sessions. In addition, just human offers her weekly coaching and ongoing training on stress, trauma and self-care.

Without support it does not work!

Offering protection to children and women at Maison Charlotte and helping them to get healthy and shape their future means costs of 1.500 € per month for just human. For the women it means happiness and great relief.

To be able to finance this, we are dependent on additional sponsorships. We would be grateful for maintenance sponsorships in order to secure the monthly costs for one woman or one child each, i.e. per person:
a monthly maintenance sponsorship of 90 € or
three monthly maintenance sponsorships in the amount of 30 €.

In addition, we urgently need care sponsorships to finance a part-time job with 10 hours per week for a social worker, that is:
5 x care sponsorships of 120 € per month or
12 x care sponsorship at 50 € per month or
30 x childcare sponsorship at 20 € per month.