La cour de la Maison Charlotte

The inner courtyard of Maison Charlotte

Maison Charlotte – Shelter for refugee women and children / Athens

Maison Charlotte is a shelter for women and children of just human in Athens, which was founded in June 2020. Since March 2021, Caritas Athens has been renting us two fully equipped 3-room apartments and an additional double room for the shelter. In addition, Caritas Athens offers the women e.g. language courses and therapeutic counseling if needed.
just human finances an honorary employee as support for the women and children and, with the help of sponsorships, covers the maintenance costs of 90 € per month per person (food, utilities, medical care, etc.) as well as additional individual support through legal counseling, therapeutic offers, kindergarten places, school materials, etc. as needed.
Maison Charlotte can accommodate 12 people (i.e. 7 women and 5 children, for example).

Maison Charlotte has opened its doors

The housing offer is named after the woman who contributed to the creation of this project in May 2020 through her message to just human. She was living on the street at the time, six months pregnant, and urgently asked for support. Charlotte was able to move into Maison Charlotte as early as mid-June 2020. Since the end of June 2020, an honorary employee in Athens has been working for just human and, after a short internship, has taken over the support of the women and children at Maison Charlotte. In July 2020, a refugee woman moved in with her young son and five other women, one of them with a young daughter. And the tenth place was also filled at the end of August 2020: Charlotte’s baby was born healthy.

New opportunities at Maison Charlotte 2022

The women who moved into Maison Charlotte in the summer of 2020 have all since been recognized as refugees. All have developed new perspectives, have already moved out or will move out in January.

New women have moved into the rooms or will move in in the coming days and weeks. The arrival means at first a great relaxation and security. First topics are then health and the often necessary medical care as well as the legal situation. In addition, all women commit themselves to language courses, internships or other training opportunities when they move into Maison Charlotte in order to prepare themselves for a self-determined and independent life. In all of this, they are individually accompanied and supported by our honorary staff.

We depend on donations for the services offered at Maison Charlotte. We are happy about any support.

Every donation helps!

(Situation in January 3, 2022)