Maison Charlotte, 7/2020

Maison Charlotte – shelter for refugee women and children

Maison Charlotte is a cooperation project of just human and CRIBS International. The women and children live in a 6-room apartment in Athens. Just Human finances a social worker and, with the help of sponsorships, takes over the maintenance costs of 90 € per month per person (food, utilities, medical care, etc.).
Maison Charlotte offers space for 10 people (e.g. 5 women with one child each). The housing offer is named after the woman who contributed to the creation of this project in May 2020 through her message to Just Human. She was living on the street at the time, six months pregnant, and urgently asked for support.

Maison Charlotte has opened its doors

Charlotte was able to move into Maison Charlotte as early as mid-June. Since the end of June, a social worker in Athens has been working for Just Human and has taken over the support of the women and children at Maison Charlotte. At the beginning of July, a woman who had fled with her young son and two other women moved in, and at the end of July, another three women moved in, one of them with a young daughter. And the tenth place was also occupied at the end of August: Charlotte’s baby was born healthy. One of the women was later able to move into a residential group with women from her country of origin, where she continues to receive support from Just Human. Currently, there are six women, two infants and one baby living in Maison Charlotte.

The women living in Maison Charlotte had to flee from Pakistan, Afghanistan, DR Congo, Eritrea or Cameroon. Two of the women were persecuted in their home countries because they love women.

On the run, all the women experienced further violence, were in prison, capsized with their boat, lost relatives and friends. Almost all of them then lived in Moria, one of the children was born there.

The women at Maison Charlotte are relieved to have protection and support there. The social worker financed by Just Human is part of the CRIBS team and is able to attend team meetings and training sessions.

We rely on funding to finance Maison Charlotte and additional individual assistance for the women and children.

Every donation helps!