Foto: Joachim E. Röttgers

House of Peace – exchange, strengthening, breathing

We dream of building a peace house or getting a suitable house or ensemble of houses. In the peace house we want to create spaces for training and qualification, enlightenment and collaborative work on the goals of just human. The Peace House will be a safe place where learning, research, counseling, exchange and encounter can take place.

At the same time, the house of peace will offer space to take a breath and to strengthen. To this end, courses will be held, for example, on relaxation, personal development, therapeutic support and self-care. On the other hand, the Peace House will be available for people to help them cope with violent experiences, crisis-like work situations or other traumatic experiences. For this purpose, we would like to provide small apartments and a basic income for a limited period of time in the Peace House and thus enable people to catch their breath and gather strength.

We are happy to receive offers of buildings or building ensembles in which the Peace House can become reality. If you would like to make a house or a plot of land with several buildings available, please contact us.