Frauen im Flüchtlingslager auf Lesbosmit ihren Einkäufen aus Spenden von just human

Emergency aid for refugee women on Lesbos

More and more calls for help reach us from the new refugee camp on Lesbos. The nights are getting cold. The mothers are desperate because their children can hardly sleep because of the cold. The thin walls of the tents hardly protect them. Moisture penetrates from the floor into mattresses and blankets, because the thin mattresses or blankets lie directly on the ground. The people in the camp need food, rubber boots and warm clothing. There is a lack of everything! We therefore urgently ask for your support! Please donate in general or under the keyword “Emergency Aid”. All donations will be forwarded 100%! Thank you!

On October 9, 2020 we received the news that after the first autumn rain in the new camp in the Kara Tepe area of Lesbos, many tents are full of water. Also the paths are partly flooded.

Überflutete Zelte im neuen Camp Kara Tepe auf Lesbos nach dem ersten Herbstregen am 9. Oktober 2020

Since November 2019, Just Human has been supporting women in a shelter on Lesbos. In addition, community shopping for groups of women, children and unaccompanied minors was made possible in the Moria camp. Individual women, women with children, and also men who were in special emergency situations were supported with money for food, toiletries, detergents, shoes, clothing and everything else necessary.

The support reaches the fugitives for the most part directly. After the fire in Camp Moria in the night of September 8th to 9th, 2020, just human has expanded its help. More than 100 people are currently reached on Lesbos with our emergency aid. In addition, Just Human has financially supported larger food distributions and emergency aid of our partner organizations Safe Place International and Starfish Foundation on Lesbos.

Please help us to help! Every donation counts! Thank you!




Info from the newsletter 03/2020

Refugee women and children on Lesbos / Lavrio

Jonathan and James live in the Moria camp and have just reported Just Human about the current situation. And we have asked them for help: In the first step they looked at which unaccompanied minor girls and which women with children in particular need in their area. They asked the women and also unaccompanied girls what they urgently need. With a letter from Just Human they were allowed to leave the camp and collect the money transferred by Just Human. They bought food and sanitary items, brought them to the camp and distributed them there. Jonathan and James also received support. We are very grateful for their help and also for the photos they took during the action. In the meantime, these purchases have taken place several times. Just Human will be notified when food becomes too scarce to be able to support.

In addition, Just Human supports individual women with children in Moria, who turn to us in particular need, also very directly. In addition to food, the women are often able to buy clothes, a pair of shoes, and learning materials that a girl urgently wanted.

Further refugee women and children who live in shelters on Lesbos and in Lavrio or can be reached from there have been supported by Just Human since November 2019. The children and women receive individual help for clothing, education, etc. and for the transition to an independent life after the asylum procedure is completed.

For this support we kindly ask for regular donations under the donation purpose “Lesbos – Women and Children”.


Info from the newsletter 11/2019

Help for women and their children on Lesbos

In the last newsletter we reported on our visit to our partner organisation Safe Place International in Athens. SPI supports LSBTTIQ refugees and refugee women with children, e.g. by providing safe shelters and counselling in Athens and on Lesbos. just human complements this commitment when additional help is needed.
Now we have received an urgent request from Chloe. She runs a house on Lesbos that offers protection to 21 refugee women and children. To be prepared for the winter, she urgently asks for support: 30 € cost a children’s jacket or warm children’s shoes, with 60 € a child can be prepared for the winter, 100 € enable one of the women to get a winter jacket and winter-proof shoes. We kindly ask for donations! Every contribution helps and will be forwarded immediately.

Security and access to medical care

Chloe has also told us about changes in the asylum procedures on Lesbos. Fugitives classified as particularly vulnerable – e.g. pregnant women without relatives or women with children – must travel to the mainland for hearings. This is problematic because even on the mainland there is not enough housing available for refugees. Pregnant and single women with small children are therefore taken to camps with little infrastructure, far from hospitals and other necessary facilities.
Our partner organisation is therefore currently setting up a new house near Athens for single mothers and pregnant women who have to go to the mainland for their asylum interviews but do not have secure accommodation there. Chloe writes: “With this additional shelter, we can respond to changes in policy and the needs of the beneficiaries and ensure continuous, meaningful support.”

Since February 2020, the house in Lavrio has provided shelter for women and children. Donations for towels, bedding, baby gear, dishes and other necessary equipment are still welcome.

Help for people who have to flee

just human supports people who have to or had to flee from war, violence, political or personal persecution, exploitation or economic hardship. The aim of our support is to ensure that all people can live in safety. This includes the possibility of satisfying basic needs, maintaining contact with family and friends* as well as access to health care, psychosocial support, school, training and job opportunities. To this end, we provide support, for example, in achieving a safe place to live, in earning a living during the persecution or flight phase, in arranging and/or financing legal advice, health and psychosocial assistance. Support can also be given to measures for school or vocational training and professional independence.

Support is given to individuals in war and crisis regions, on the run and in countries of refuge, as well as to projects that promote the aims of just human.