Frauen im Flüchtlingslager auf Lesbosmit ihren Einkäufen aus Spenden von just human

Emergency aid for refugee women on Lesbos

More and more calls for help reach us from the new refugee camp on Lesbos. The nights are still cold. The people in the camp need food, rubber boots and warm clothing. There is a lack of everything! We therefore urgently ask for your support! Please donate in general or under the keyword “Emergency Aid”. All donations will be forwarded 100%! Thank you!

Since March 2019, Just Human has been supporting community shopping for groups of women, children and unaccompanied minors. Individual women, women with children, and also men who were in special emergency situations were supported with money for food, toiletries, medical care everything else necessary.

The support reaches the fugitives for the most part directly. After the fire in Camp Moria in the night of September 8th to 9th, 2020, just human has expanded its help. More than 100 people are currently reached on Lesbos with our emergency aid. In addition, Just Human has financially supported larger food distributions and emergency aid of our partner organization Starfish Foundation on Lesbos.

Please help us to help! Every donation counts! Thank you!



Help for people who have to flee

just human supports people who have to or had to flee from war, violence, political or personal persecution, exploitation or economic hardship. The aim of our support is to ensure that all people can live in safety. This includes the possibility of satisfying basic needs, maintaining contact with family and friends* as well as access to health care, psychosocial support, school, training and job opportunities. To this end, we provide support, for example, in achieving a safe place to live, in earning a living during the persecution or flight phase, in arranging and/or financing legal advice, health and psychosocial assistance. Support can also be given to measures for school or vocational training and professional independence.

Support is given to individuals in war and crisis regions, on the run and in countries of refuge, as well as to projects that promote the aims of just human.