Foto: Joachim E. Röttgers

Project applications

just human e.V. exclusively supports people and projects that are not properly covered or not covered at all by other people or institutions

Applications for support are possible for the following areas:

  • Support for refugees
  • Engagement to counter reasons for flight and
  • Support work for human rights

There is no legal entitlement to financial support.

The following procedures apply for individual funding:

Applications can be submitted in German, English or French via email to:
or via +49 176-72154483 with WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal or Threema including the following information:

  • Who is the applicant?
  • Who should benefit from the funding?
  • What is the emergency situation or what is the need for support?
  • What is the total amount needed or, if the period cannot be estimated, monthly/annually?
  • What other support options have already been explored?

Applicants will receive initial feedback within 7 days. Applications will be reviewed as soon as all required information is available. It usually takes 4 to 14 days for funding requests to be decided. When submitting an application, please be aware that just human cannot make a funding commitment to all applicants.

The following procedures apply to project applications:

Applications may be submitted in English, French, or German by email only at Submission of an application is possible at any time.

Upon receipt of your project grant application, we will contact you within three weeks to request further information. It usually takes three months before a final decision can be made. Please note that just human cannot offer funding to all applicants. Currently, project funding is only available to a very limited extent.