Our principles

  • Every person has a right to live without abuse and persecution.
  • Every person has a right to food, accomodation, education, work, legal security and health support.
  • Every person has a right to love and to cultivate good relationships to other persons.

In order to achieve these rights, just human supports people in all countries that are suffering through war, violence, political or personal persecution, exploitation, structural reasons for flight or economic hardship. Support is possible in all phases of persecution or flight, in their homeland, during flight or in their lands of asylum. It is our goal to help people to achieve a life in safety and independence.

One main focus of our work is to support women and girls, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders transsexuals and intersexuals whose rights have been violated.

In order to help people to live in safety, we are also engaged in eliminating the reasons for flight. We work against deals with weapons and climatic change and support the development of democratic structures and administration.

Our dream is to build a House of peace or to acquire a suitable building or buildings complex. We wish to generate rooms for education purposes and to support refugees in finding work, to provide awareness training and collaborative work to achieve the goals of just human. The house of peace will provide a safe haven for education, research, consulting, personal exchange and provide a meeting place for refugees. In parallel, this house shall provide room for relaxation and for refugees to regain strength.

People do not choose where they are born. The consequences resulting for each individual, can be wealth or poverty, democracy or a dictatorship. We see these results as coincidental as are demarcation zones and isolation between countries and cultures.