Protection and support in starting a self-determined life

Since January 2024, Just Human in Athens has been offering “Protection and support in starting a self-determined life” for women, including trans women and women with children, who are recognized as refugees.
Many recognized refugees do not receive any support in Greece. They are therefore initially homeless and destitute. In this situation, they are exposed to all forms of exploitation and violence. It is almost impossible to find a regular job without a home address. And it is just as hopeless to find an apartment without work or money.
In their distress, many decide to leave Greece. This means renewed asylum procedures in other European countries, renewed waiting, renewed stagnation.

A new caseworker joined the just human Athens team in mid-February to ensure that further support – in addition to the support for women and children and LGBTTIQ refugees in just human’s shelters – can be provided successfully. Niki is a Greek social worker with a lot of experience in supporting refugees.

Instead of homelessness, hardship and further flight, just human enables women to rent a room or an apartment, supports them in their search for a job and, if necessary, helps them organize childcare.
The two women who initially took advantage of the new project to stay in Greece and live independently there come from Iran and the DR Congo. Both have a child and were able to rent small apartments with the support of just human.
Since May 2024, another woman who had to flee Cameroon has been taking part in the project. By taking part in the project, she has started training in housekeeping. Her daughter attends school.

Your donation provides protection and support.