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New: Maison Chacha – shelter for LGBT-refugees

Many LGBTTIQ refugees have been left homeless in recent weeks as the EU-funded ESTIA II housing program ends in Athens. Some could move to refugee camps, but fear of persecution and violence is high. Tabitha*, who now lives at Maison Chacha, said, “I never want to go back to that camp!” The trans woman fled […]

Support for LGBT refugees, women and children

Again and again we receive desperate emergency calls from LGBT refugees and women, often with children. They write to us in existential distress. Many refugees are not entitled to support, e.g. because they are not yet registered, because their asylum application has been rejected or because their asylum application has been accepted. And even refugees […]

Maison Charlotte 2022

Maison Charlotte will continue to provide shelter and support for refugee women and children in 2022. In December 2021, Caritas Athens renewed the lease. At the same time, we rented another room at Maison Charlotte. As a result, we will be able to offer protection and support to a total of 7 women and 5 […]