Our dream is to build a house of peace, or acquire a súitable building or building complex for this. In this house of peace we wish to have space to support education and job qualification, consolidation and concerted work to achieve the goals of “just human”. The house of peace will be a safe haven for learning, research, consulting, exchange and be a meeting place for refugees.

In parallel, the house of peace should offer breathing space and regeneration time for refugees. In addition, courses will be offered in e.g., relaxation, personal development, therapeutic companionship and personal care. Furthermore, the house of peace will help refugees to overcome experience of violence, critical working conditions or other traumatic experiences. We also wish to offer a small amount of apartment space in this house of peace for a limited time to give refugees breathing space and allow them to regather their strength.

We shall be happy to receive offers of buildings or building complexes to help us realise this dream of a house of peace. If you know of or own a house or land with several buildings that could be used for this purpose, please contact us.