Maison Charlotte 2023

Maison Charlotte will continue to provide shelter and support for refugee women and children in 2022.

In June 2023, Caritas Athens renewed the lease. At the same time, we rented another room at Maison Charlotte. As a result, we will be able to offer protection and support to a total of 7 women and 5 children there from July 2023.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who make the commitment to refugee women and children at Maison Charlotte possible with their donations. Thank you!!!

Unfortunately, the number of requests is much greater and almost all shelters in Athens are overcrowded. In collaboration with other organizations, we are trying to facilitate the necessary assistance and find more housing.

The plight of those who cannot find help is indescribable. Being homeless means being at the mercy of increasing cold, hunger and often violence and exploitation. For babies and small children and also for the elderly, the situation quickly becomes life-threatening.

Emergency aid for mothers and children in Athens
With emergency aid for food and medicine, just human in Athens currently supports about 100 mothers with their children and daily we receive new requests. For this food aid, we have received funding from Sternstunden e.V. since July 2021, for which we are very grateful. Important for the support of women and children are further donations for safe and warm sleeping places.