Gründungsmitglieder just human

 Founder members of  “just human”, from left to right: Katja Walterscheid, Roland Blach, Elka Edelkott,
Svenja Gruß, Sylvia Tham, Tobias Gruß, Susanne Jallow, Hannes Rockenbauch. (Photo: Ulrich Karle)


  Chair of the BoardElka Edelkott, 1. Vorsitzende

  Elka Edelkott MA/MBA, born 1962,
  Expert in public relations and social marketing,
  Systemic advisor, active in refugee work in Stuttgart
  and in the LSBTTIQ-Community, Initiator of “just human”
  (Photo: Ulrich Karle)




Svenja Gruß, 2. Vorsitzende  Second Chair of the Board

  Svenja Gruß, born 1974,
  Industrial clerk,
  Certified social pedagogue
  (Photo: Ulrich Karle)





Roland Blach, Vorstand Öffentlichkeitsarbeit  Member of the Board
  Public relations

  Roland Blach, born 1969,
  state executive manager DFG-VK
  Baden-Württemberg, Mediator,
  Nobel peace prize 2017 with the
  campaign "Büchel is everywhere! Atom"
  as a part of ICAN
  (Photo: Ulrich Karle)



 Member of the BoardSylvia Tham, Vorstand Finanzen

 Sylvia Tham, born 1957, 
  PE teacher with additional custodial training,
  Business economist
  (Photo: Ulrich Karle)

 Katja Walterscheid, Vorstand Verwaltung Member of the Board

  Katja Walterscheid, born 1955,
  Journalist, Diploma in Psychology
  and Psychotherapy, active in
  work with refugee women and families and in the
  (Photo: Ulrich Karle)


   AuditorTobias Gruß, Kassenprüfer

  Tobias Gruß, born 1977,
  Banker, Business economist
  (Photo: Ulrich Karle)





Susanne Jallow, Gründungsmitglied und Kassenprüferin  Auditor

  Susanne Jallow, born 1962,
  Administrator for the DFG-VK
  (Photo: Ulrich Karle)




Hannes Rockenbauch, Ansprechpartner "Unterstützung des Aufbaus demokratischer Strukturen und Verwaltungen"  Contact partner "Development of democratic
  structures and administration"

  Hannes Rockenbauch Diploma in Engineering, born 1980,
  Town councillor Stuttgart. Focus on social and
  ecological town development and
  communal democracy
  (Photo: Ulrich Karle)



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