First aid for newborns on Lesbos

City of Stuttgart enables help in refugee camp

8 to 10 babies are born every week in the refugee camp on Lesbos under the most miserable conditions. We are glad that we can now at least provide them and their mothers with good basic equipment. This is made possible by our cooperation with the Starfish Foundation and a grant from the city of Stuttgart.


By the fire in Moria the mothers have lost their last belongings. Pregnant, they were placed in a camp that does not allow for any kind of hygiene. The walls of the tents are thin, the days and nights are getting colder and colder. The BabyBoxes contain clothes for mother and child, blankets and hygiene articles as well as information about the new breastfeeding advice.

In addition, we can now offer mothers a room for breastfeeding with breastfeeding advice and the opportunity to exchange information. Many refugee women were persuaded by advertising that baby food is better than breastfeeding. This misinformation endangers the life of newborns in the current situation, because there is no hygienic supply of vials in the camp.

Construction of hand washing stations

In view of the corona pandemic, hygiene rules are vital for survival – but they can hardly be observed in overcrowded camps. Together with the Starfish Foundation and supported by the city of Stuttgart, hand washing stations were therefore set up. There, mouth-nose-masks are also handed out, collected for washing and then distributed again in a clean condition. 100 trained refugees look after these hand washing stations and receive additional food for their commitment.

Individual help must also continue!

It is getting cold, storms are coming up, the tents are not suitable for the coming winter. Every day desperate emergency calls reach us. The people in the camp urgently need food, boots, blankets and warm clothes. There is a lack of everything! We therefore ask for your support! Please donate in general or under the keyword emergency aid. Every donation encourages and helps!

Donations are possible via the donation form or directly to just human:

IBAN: DE45 6012 0500 0007 7692 00


Keyword: Emergency aid

Every donation helps!