Emergency aid and solidarity: human rights sponsorship

Help for refugees in the refugee camp Moria 2 / Kara Tepe on Lesbos.
In September 2020, the old Moria camp burned down. Since then they live without shower, without heating, without stove. They have no possibility to wash themselves in the warm, no playgrounds, hardly any medical care. They queue for hours for a meal a day, they are only allowed to leave the camp for a few hours a week: Women, men and children in the refugee camp Moria 2 (Kara Tepe) on Lesbos. Please make emergency aid, medical support and legal assistance possible with your regular donation.

Help for women, children and LGBT refugees in Athens
In Athens, just human supports – in addition to offering a shelter for women and children – other women and children whom we are currently unable to take in, with emergency aid and a safe place to sleep. Our individual assistance here also reaches many LGBT refugees. They need money for a place to sleep, for food and clothing. This support is protection from exploitation and violence. All the refugees we support in Athens are also accompanied by two freelancers who arrange legal assistance, medical help, language courses, etc. and are in close contact with other organizations.

In South Africa, our support reaches women and children in the Safehouse Bredasdorp. It is a refuge for women and girls exposed to domestic and sexual violence. Since the Corona pandemic arrived in South Africa, an ad hoc soup kitchen has also been set up. Every day, food is distributed to several hundred people in the township of Bredasdorp.

Please make regular help possible with a human rights sponsorship. By doing so, you enable binding commitments to people who urgently need reliable support. Thank you!