“Flight reason love – situation of LGBT refugees in Greece”

From now on, film screenings of “Reason for flight Love” with subsequent discussion can be booked at just human. No matter if small or larger groups are interested, if all Corona guidelines are followed, we will be happy to come. The film with English subtitles is mainly French and German.

With this film just human informs about the situation of homosexual, transsexual, transgender, intersexual and queer (LSBTTIQ) people who have fled from African countries to Greece. The situation for the LSBTTIQ community in Africa is particularly difficult. ILGA – International lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex association – reports that almost half of the 72 countries worldwide where same-sex sexual acts are illegal are in Africa. In Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania and northern Nigeria homosexuality is even punishable by death. In other countries, long prison sentences are threatened. Discrimination is widespread. People are persecuted and marginalised, and they are often subjected to physical and sexual violence. But there are also countries such as Angola, South Africa and Mozambique where homosexuality and transsexuality are accepted and protected by the state.

With a film about LSBTTIQ people who fled from African countries to Greece, we let the people themselves speak.

just human wants to inform and at the same time illuminate the current human rights situation. Current projects to support refugee LSBTTIQ people are also presented.

After the film (duration approx. 20 min.), we will be available for talks, information and discussion.

Appointment requests under: kontakt@just-human.de